A’s First Birthday!


A is one! Oh my heck, I feel like my mom as I keep wondering where the time went, and wanting it to slow down. This past year has flown by, and K and I are both still in shock over having a one year old. This last year as parents has been pretty much the best of our lives. Being parents has changed us in more ways than we ever imagined, and has been more fulfilling, harder, messier (we have a tub pooper here), and more fun than we thought possible.

A is obsessed with the dogs, shrieking and giggling as they come near, and chasing them around. She is especially obsessed with Padfoot, and he just wants to be left alone. She is standing, climbing, jabbering, discovering the dog’s water bowls, climbing stairs – she is all over the place. She LOVES kids, and will stare out the window watching them play, jabbering at them. She plays with a few neighbor kids and is in heaven when she gets to. She is seriously going to be the best big sister, and we’re so excited for whenever that day comes.

Family and friends came to help us celebrate, and A was spoiled. We had such a blast with everyone, and love how loved A is by everyone! So, happy (late) birthday baby girl. Stop growing up so fast!


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