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New Leaves

This morning K came rushing into the bedroom to tell me that we couldn’t have sandwiches for lunch, as the bread was all moldy, apologizing for not noticing it sooner. Then, when I went to make us our breakfast smoothies we were all out of kiwi. No big deal, we’ll just take cereal. Nope, the […]

A is 2! - Our Kind of Wonderful

A is 2!

You guys – how do we have a 2 year old?! Honestly, we are floored – the past two years have flown by, and suddenly we have a full blown toddler. A is the sweetest big sister, going to her brother and sister any time they are upset, bringing them a bottle or a toy. […]

Meet D & T - Our Kind of Wonderful

Meet D and T

This is long overdue, as we had this video done in December, but I’m finally getting around to sharing it now. Meet our “twins,” D & T! A is the best big sister and adores them both, and they are so patient with her in return. We love our little family, and are so in […]

S'more and Star Gazing Date Night - Our Kind of Wonderful

S’mores and Star Gazing Date Night

S’mores are the way to my heart. I LOVE s’mores, and we’ll make them over candles all year round. When this date box came I was giddy with excitement, and kept asking to do it. Well, we finally did! I got all of these candles, and we lit them roasted marshmallows, cuddles up (almost lighting […]

Movie Night & Cuddles with A - Our Kind of Wonderful

Movie Nights & Cuddles with A

We try not to do a lot of TV with A, other than some Baby Signing Time watching to help her, and us, learn, and to give us a chance to sweep and fold laundry , haha. But, she’s now to the point that she can last for oh, 15-30 minutes when we do family […]

Story time with A

Story time with A

We’ve always loved story time with A, but as she’s gotten older it’s just become more and more fun. She giggles, jabbers, wants to turn the pages, and loves the crazy voices we do as we read to her. It’s honestly one of my favorite parts of our bedtime routine, reading a book before we […]


Baking Cookies with A

A has changed our lives in so many ways, including needing to tag team all cooking efforts unless she’s napping. The simplest tasks, like making cookies, take so much longer now, but are also so much sweeter. Her giggles as she mischievously reached for the chocolate chips spilling them all over, or as her tiny […]

Sidewalk Chalk with A - Our Kind of Wonderful

Sidewalk Chalk with A

It’s important to us that each family photo session we do involves A, and actually interacting, not the posed sitting there smiling. We want you to see us, who we are, and into our lives. So…sidewalk chalk it was! Let’s be honest, I HATE chalk. I hate how it feels on my hands, the texture, […]

Our Kind of Wonderful
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