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Baby Swing with A - Our Kind of Wonderful

Baby Swing with A

I got the swing for A on a whim one day, thinking it could be a fun thing for her. You guys, she absolutely loves it! I can’t say the same for the dogs, as they’ll come up, all curious, then not listen when we tell them to watch out and get bumped with the […]


A’s First Birthday!

A is one! Oh my heck, I feel like my mom as I keep wondering where the time went, and wanting it to slow down. This past year has flown by, and K and I are both still in shock over having a one year old. This last year as parents has been pretty much […]

Get in the Photos and Print Them - Our Kind of Wonderful

Get In The Photos, and Print Them

I don’t have very many photos that have my mom in them – I didn’t really notice when I was younger, I just thought that’s how things were. As I got older, I wondered where she was in all of those photos, or in the ones she was in she was hunched over or trying […]

Everyday Moments - Our Kind of Wonderful

Everyday Moments

Being parents, dog owners, and us both working full time and opposite shifts definitely leads to a crazy life, and crazy schedules, and it’s really easy to get overwhelmed and forget how lucky we are. We both have good jobs that we love, we get to have shifts that lets one of us always be […]


Happy Birthday Harry Potter

I really wanted to start some fun traditions for A to have growing up, and since I love Harry Potter I figured we’d start celebrating his birthday! So, July 31st, his birthday, is now our annual HP celebration! We bust out our Harry Potter games (We have Harry Potter Uno, Harry Potter Triwizard Maze, and […]

Family Croquet Night - Our Kind of Wonderful

Family Croquet Night

Croquet is something I only played a couple times at my grandparents house growing up, but it’s a game K grew up playing, so naturally, we ended up with a croquet set. This was our first time busting it out, and A was more interested in trying to eat the balls, the little mallets, pretty […]


I Love You K, Happy Birthday

It’s your birthday week!!! This year marks 6 of your birthdays we’ve spent together, but it feels like I’ve known you forever, and also like we’ve barely had any time together, if that even makes sense. I look back on photos of us together and we were such babies! Our lives together haven’t been perfect, none ever […]

What is Open Adoption - Our Kind of Wonderful

What is Open Adoption?

Adoption is hard, if I’m being honest. You put yourself out there, hoping that someone is going to like you, and want you to be the parent of their child. Your life is inspected by a social worker and you have to prove that you’re “fit” to be parents, when if you’d had biological children […]

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