Christmas Outfit Obsession



It’s entirely possible that even though we have a fully stocked closet for A, I have zero self control where cute clothes for her are concerned, especially Christmas clothes. So, this is probably the first post of many of her in Christmas outfits, because they are just so cute I’m sure you want to see them all, haha. Oh, and the adorable bow is from Kate’s Bow Shop.


A loves the dogs, and Sharky is the one that is the most curious about her, always wanting to smell her and be around her. As A gets older I’m sure her and Sharky will wreak all sorts of havoc. We have a bit longer before A will be mobile and then I’m sure these two will be like two peas in a pod.


A gets cuter and cuter all the time, which I didn’t think was even possible as she came out beautiful. This little lady is so adorable, and already has her daddy wrapped around her finger. There are not many things he’ll willingly lose sleep for, but it isn’t even a question that he’ll be up for her if she needs him.


She loves to stare at us, watching us as we clean and do chores around the house. She giggle, laughs, and just makes our lives so much sweeter than we had ever imagined. We love watching her discover her hands, realize that she can pick up/grasp some toys. Watching her try to find her binky is honestly one of the most adorable things ever, and she makes the cutest little grunts as she does. We love you A, and are so lucky to be your mom and dad.



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