De-Cluttering Our Lives: Kitchen Edition


If you read my post about de-cluttering my closet then you know I am a bit of a pack rat. I have an abundance of things I don’t need, and either have never used, or haven’t used in year, yet I hand on to them. The kitchen was no different.

There are no before photos, because, well, it was/is embarrassing. Like, mega embarrassing. Not only was my floor covered in dirt (hello, we have 4 puppies), but my kitchen table was so cluttered we could never even eat at it. Our island was pretty much a mirror of our kitchen table, cluttered beyond belief, and you’d just pray you didn’t set your phone or keys down on it, as it’d be a LONG time before you would find it again.

And our cupboards, oh gosh. We had one cupboard that was JUST spices. Yes, we are cooking buffs and have a ridiculous amount of spices, and it would take 15-20 minutes to ever find the one you wanted, and by then your food was past when you were supposed to add them, or burned, etc. Our pantry looked like a war zone, and we kept buying more of things we already had because we could never find them.

So, to put it lightly, our kitchen needed help. It needed a MAJOR overhaul.

I started with the spices. I found this amazing spice rack, you can get your own here. This spice rack is a dream come true. It came with labels, as well as spice jars. We got some black labels of our own with some white chalk sharpies for our more obscure spices, and now our kitchen looks so classy! Well, now that we have this spice rack, and cleaned…



The spice rack just sits in the corner next to the stove, all perfect like. We replaced the tupperware we had holding our spatulas with a mason jar, cleared off our table and island, swept, mopped, put all appliances in cupboards, and it’s like a brand new kitchen! Yes, it’s a bit inconvenient for our electric kettle and coffee maker to be in a cupboard, especially as it’s getting colder, but just the difference it makes for our kitchen, looks wise, and room wise, it’s totally worth it.

We got rid of THREE boxes full of tupperware, random ice cube trays, and other random kitchen items. I’m also a buy 2 of each thing type of person, always have a backup. It was a little nerve racking to get rid of my backups, but if I haven’t needed them in 4 years, heck, even 6 months, it’s time to get rid of them. I still have like 8 different pie pans, tons of vases, about 6 different cutting boards and two knife blocks, but it’s all about baby steps :].

We have our essential oil diffuser in the corner, and our homemade dog treats in these plastic air tight jars, and when we aren’t cooking they sit on the island. Our kitchen is finally starting to look and feel like Our Kind of Wonderful.


Thank you Chloe Epperson Photography for the photos!!


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