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Dominion Date Night - Our Kind of Wonderful

K loves Dominion, and it’s a game I’ve had to warm up to, but now that I have I really enjoy it! I feel like this isn’t a game that you just randomly pick up, you have to hear about it from someone.

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We played this game together for the first time when I met K’s parents. I was incredibly nervous, and then trying to learn a new, semi complicated game on top of it and I just hated it. I refused to play it with him again for years, that’s how much I hated it. Then, we went over to some friend’s for game night, and they busted out Dominion. I let out a huge sigh inside, and just decided to buck up and play it. Well, it still sucked.

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About a week later we played it for our own game night, just the two of us, and the rules finally all clicked. I really don’t know why it took so long, but with me not really understanding all of the rules it made the game so boring. And, since the cards and things change each time you play it can get really confusing at first, and was for me. Once it finally all clicked I realized this game is actually really fun! 

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For anyone wondering what the heck Dominion is: Dominion is a deck building expandable card game where players take turns buying action cards, which allow the player to gain extra gold, take extra turns, draw cards, etc.  These cards help players reach the goal of buying victory points, and once enough piles of cards have been completely bought out, the player with the most victory points wins!

Photo by Malae Talley Photo

The game changes as each game you play, a randomly picked set of action cards are chosen at the beginning, before you start  With several expansions, of different themes, the possible combination of play is nearly endless!

We got a couple expansion sets for Christmas, and we played one of these expansions for our date night. The expansion was Seaside – not my favorite, because K always wins, but still a fun one. I love that this game isn’t super long, like Risk, but not really fast, like Speed. 

You have to start with the base set, then you use expansions on top of that. You can get your own base set here

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