Everyday Moments

Everyday Moments - Our Kind of Wonderful

Being parents, dog owners, and us both working full time and opposite shifts definitely leads to a crazy life, and crazy schedules, and it’s really easy to get overwhelmed and forget how lucky we are. We both have good jobs that we love, we get to have shifts that lets one of us always be home with A so she doesn’t need to be in daycare. We get to be parents to the cutest, most adorably mischievous little girl, and have the most patient fur babies around.

We’re working on cherishing the everyday moments, because even when they’re hectic and we feel like we’re running on fumes, these moments make up our kind of wonderful. Folding laundry with A suddenly makes laundry less of a chore, even though it takes about five times as long. She giggles, eats the clean laundry, K picks her up and lowers her into the basket head first so she can pick the next piece to fold, while she laughs and squeals the whole time. These moments are the ones I want to remember, and are what get me through the hard days.

*Photos by Malae Talley Photo**


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Our Kind of Wonderful
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