Get In The Photos, and Print Them

Get in the Photos and Print Them - Our Kind of Wonderful

I don’t have very many photos that have my mom in them – I didn’t really notice when I was younger, I just thought that’s how things were. As I got older, I wondered where she was in all of those photos, or in the ones she was in she was hunched over or trying to hide. After getting married I took up photography, and I more than made up for all of those photos she wasn’t in with how often I had her helping me learn how to pose, etc. Her and my dad were SOO sick of photos, but no matter how many I have now, I still miss the ones she wasn’t in when I was younger.

That has made me say screw it, forget my hair, my weight, looking gross, our children won’t care about that, they’ll care about the fact that I was there, and that they have those photos of us. It doesn’t come as naturally for K to just grab the camera, like it does me, so we have someone come and take lifestyle photos for us so that I can be in the photos. We’re working on the everyday photos, with messy hair, spit up on my shirt, the in the moment photos, but the lifestyle photos still give a glimpse into our life, and our relationship, and I love them so much.

I know it’s a bit morbid, but if anything were to happen, a freak car accident and I died, I’d want my husband and our children to have these photos. Or, if something happened to K, I know they’d be one of my most treasured items, and nothing could replace them. My grandma died of Alzheimer’s, and at the end she didn’t recognize her own children, grandchildren, anyone but her husband. I wish I had photos to show her, to help her remember, or even just to comfort her with photos of happy times. 

So, get in the photos, and print them. I print albums, along with prints, and I put my prints in these awesome organizers. My albums are still my favorite, and both K and I love looking through them, seeing how much A’s grown, the dogs have grown, all the fun things we’ve done, etc. And, I’m sure our children will love looking through them too, as they grow.


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