Guillotine Date Night

Guillotine Date Night - Our Kind of Wonderful

Guillotine may be a game that rubs some the wrong way, since it’s based off of actual events, but we got past that, and actually really love playing it, and it’s one of our at home date night go to’s. We love card games, and especially ones that are kind of fast, so we can play a game then also end the night cuddling up to an episode of a show we love.

Guillotine a game where you take turns manipulating a line of nobles, so when it come time they face the . . . Chopping block and you get the nobles with the most points! The player with the most points at the end wins. You should probably just order one for yourself, it’s really, really fun, if somewhat offensive… But, if you like Cards Against Humanity you’ll have no issue with this.




Our Kind of Wonderful
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