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I’m not going to lie, I was one of those asshole women that didn’t get stay at home moms, or how hard it was, before becoming a mom. I didn’t get what kept stay at home moms so busy all day, why dinner wasn’t ready and the house clean when their partners came home, etc. My mom worked when we were at school, and would have dinner ready for my dad, and the house tidy, she was superwoman, so I didn’t really know that it was so insanely hard.

I am eating my words, and am soooo sorry. I really had no idea, but I’ve felt like I was drowning so many times. My work let me stay and work from home with A for the first 6 weeks of her life, and oh my gosh, that was seriously the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I would still have meals ready for K, and straighten up the house, but I was so overwhelmed, and we only have one kid. I actually ended up getting a bit depressed – staying at home isn’t for me, I’m my best self, the best mom I can be, when I’m also working. I started working out, which I’m so glad I did and have stuck with it, but being a stay at home mom is no joke.

While scrambling to find ways to not just survive, but excel and succeed, I stumbled upon the Happy Planner. This thing has helped me stay sane. It helps me keep our meals plans, blog post scheduled out, I know which days A goes to the babysitter, when I’ve worked out, etc. I know any planner can help you stay organized, but this one has been great for me, and is helping me stay organized so I can be the best wife, employee, and mom I can be.

You can get different versions, I got the workout one, which has weekly diaries for food, water, and workouts. They have budgeting ones, inspirational, the options are pretty endless. They also have special stickers, add ins like the note pages I use, sticky notes, all made just for these planners. And, they come in full or mini size. This thing has been a life saver, if you’ve been looking for a way to help you stay organized you can get yours here




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