Happy St. Patricks’ Day!

Happy St. Patrick's Day - Our Kind of Wonderful

So, apparently growing up K had a friend named Patrick, and he was so jealous that Patrick got a day all to himself! His parents, being awesome like they are, made up St. K’s day for him. He got to pick the date, and he’d get to pick the color for that day, and they’d have food of that color, wear that color, the whole shebang. They did it for his siblings too, and I think of it each time someone talks about St. Patricks’s Day.

We haven’t done St. K’s day in a while, as life just got crazy busy, but it’s definitely something I want to start up again. Maybe we’ll have a St. A’s day too, haha. They asked me if I wanted one, and I said I’d just share with K. Obviously, gifts aren’t involved in St. K’s day, or I’d definitely have my own :].



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