I Did Something I Said I’d Never Do, I Joined a MLM, But Hear Me Out…

I Did Something I Said I’d Never Do, I Joined a MLM, But Hear Me Out… - Our Kind of Wonderful

Ok, so I did something I swore I’d never do, I signed up to be a Maskcara distributor. I know, I know, it’s a MLM, everyone hates MLM’s, it’s a pyramid scheme, etc. I get it, we all know someone who’s a distributor of something, and we’ve all had friendships turn awkward when suddenly it’s all about selling. I promise, I get it, but hear me out.

I have so many friends in different MLMs that have tried to recruit me, but I always said no. It sounded like something that would suck, and I was already tired of being added to new groups daily and having my friend’s Facebook feeds turn into a place to sell, not a place to actually check up on their lives. Then, I was introduced to Maskcara. An acquaintance had posted about it, and it sounded interesting. I actually reached out and asked for more info. And, I hadn’t been added to any groups for it – what was this?!

I was intrigued, and some girl I’d never met (now my up-line, haha) came to my house, and did a makeover on me. She was so nice, and with working full time and being a mom I realized how much I missed girl time, hanging out with friends, and doing something that I loved, just for me. I still held off, but I did get some make-up of my own. Let’s be honest, I wasn’t in love at first. I feel like no one is completely, new products take time to learn to use, for your skin to adjust (hello 1-3 months of awkward zits), and for you to really find your groove. But, their return policy was great, so I decided to jump in and get myself a palette.

It didn’t take long for me to get the hang of it, and I was able to apply it so quickly that I started to wear it at least 5 days a week. That’s something I’d never done, ever, with any makeup. And, I’ll be honest, I’m not always the best at washing it off before bed, so that probably led to a bit of a longer adjustment period for my skin, but I was surprised at how good the makeup still looked in the morning, haha.

I really fell in love when I started using the setting powder and setting spray, that was a game changer for me. I’d never used cream based makeup before, so I’d never had to use them. Figuring it all out was a mixture of fun and frustrating, but now I’m obsessed. So, I signed up.

I’m not going to lie, many, many times since signing up I wondered, “what the hell did I do?”. You see, I’m not a salesperson, at all. When I worked in tech support and we were suddenly required to up-sell I switched departments, so what made me think I could do it this time? Honestly, I have no idea, maybe I won’t. I might crash and burn, but since leaving the church, becoming a mom, working full time in IT (so mostly with men), and just life I realized I miss hanging out with friends and having a “tribe”.

One of the hardest parts of leaving the church, getting married, and buying a house was the feeling of losing a community I’d had. I didn’t stay in the same place growing up, but with the church that was a place to connect and meet new people, suddenly not having that anymore is kind of a big shock, and can be hard to handle. We don’t regret leaving at all, we’re much happier having left, but suddenly all of these connections that were so easy to make were gone. With Maskcara and what I’ve experienced just in the short time since joining, I have a “tribe” again, this group of women that are cheering me on with everything from selling and succeeding, to trying to adopt. 

Our lives have been adoption non stop for a while, and I finally have something that I can do that’s just for me. Yes, the commission I make will help us with our adoption journey, but I’m not blogging to help people get a feel for us, I’m not working on a nursery, I’m not worrying about when we’ll be matched again, instead I’m doing something for me, and something that gives me a much needed break from all of that.

I’m selling make up that I genuinely love and use daily, something I’d talk about and refer friends to even without being a distributor. I’m getting to have girls nights and get a break from life for a bit, and I’m helping people build their confidence as they find something that works for them. So, while others see just another MLM, I see something I’ve been missing, and something that makes me excited and passionate like I haven’t been since closing the photography business. I see this group of women that are driven, motivated, and cheering each other on. I see a community that I didn’t even know I needed. That is my why.





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