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Photo by In Frames Photography
Photo by In Frames Photography

I’ve never been one to do new year resolutions, but I was never one to do a lot of things that I do now. It’s weird how many things change as you get older, and how you catch yourself doing things you used to laugh at others for doing, like resolutions.

K (the husband) and I, already try to have a new start to every day, and to do better than we did the day before, but I’m finding that isn’t enough. I always have goals, and intentions to do better, but life gets so busy and things fall in the cracks, important things like us time.

Photo by In Frames Photography

This coming year, I have tons of things I want to work on, but most of them revolve around us, K and I, and being better together. I want to laugh more, love harder, and fight less. So, this is mostly for K – I haven’t forgotten about us love.

-Us time –

Dinner at the kitchen table, not sitting in bed with the TV on. We’ve never lived in a place with a big enough kitchen to allow us to actually sit and and use our kitchen table for meals – until now. But, we’re still in that horrible habit of using it for storage, and eating in bed, TV on, hardly talking. I think this was the start to the not talking as much in our marriage, which has definitely had a negative affect on things. I’ll happily cuddle up in bed with you, TV on, with a bowl of ice cream for dessert, but meals are going to be happening at the table.

Us time – That means weekly date nights. Yes, they’ll probably be stay at home date nights for the most part, but they’ll happen. You’ll ask me, or I’ll ask you, we’ll take turns planning it. Heck, I’ll even commit to shaving my legs and having freshly washed hair. (That’s huge, coming from a person that washes their hair 2-3 times a week tops). I’ll put on a bra, change out of sweat pants, and it’ll really be about you and me. Only one of these a month can be a movie, so take note.

We’ll have game nights once a week, that aren’t part of date night. You love games, me, not so much, but I can learn to. With you, even cleaning can be fun, so I’m sure we can figure out this game night thing. Who knows, maybe one day we’ll actually have time to invite friends over for it, but for now, prepare yourself to be schooled in Just Dance.

Walks, these gotta happen more. We both feel better when we get outside and get a bit of exercise, plus, the dogs desperately need it. We’ve both been doing overtime like crazy, so I totally get that they haven’t been as easy to do, or it’s been me walking all 4 dogs alone, but we need to make time to do it together. Who knows, maybe one day they’ll be well enough behaved that we can actually hold hands while we walk :].  We’ll work on that whole jogging thing while we’re at it too.

Reading in bed needs to happen again. I loved when we first got married, how you’d read out loud, and I’d cuddle up to you and listen. Of course, only until I got really into the book, then I’d stay up reading it after you fell asleep and finish the whole thing, haha. We have soo many books, and we’re huge book lovers, so we need to make time to do this. With the dogs learning to stay off the couches now, we could even sit on a couch together and read.

Photo by In Frames Photography

Puppy love – we need to make more time to give them each some one on one attention. They are doing SOO amazing, and learning so many new things. I cannot wait until you aren’t doing overtime anymore so you can be home with us more. They miss you, and so do I. We need to do some movie nights with the dogs so they can get lots of cuddles and stay up later. 

Saying No, and not feeling guilty about it. When we can’t go to family functions, or hang out with friends we’re not going to feel guilty about it. When I can’t make a custom order in the time frame they want I’ll say no, and not feel bad about it. We both know we are busier than, well, honestly, almost anyone we know, but people don’t seem to take that into account, and think our lives should magically rearrange because we were invited somewhere. I’m done with that. No means no, and I’m not apologizing for having too much to do, being exhausted, not being willing to put the dogs back in their crates, or just plain not wanting to go because you and I finally have some time we could spend together. I’m done with the guilt trips and the negativity, we don’t need any extra in our lives.

Photo by In Frames Photography
Photo by In Frames Photography

I’ll help you make all the things I have you making for our house. I want to learn, and when I prove completely useless you’ll at least have some fun company. We’ll repair this house together, and make it better, nicer, and that’s something that won’t be all on you. Except toilets, I don’t like those. Or shower drains….or gross things like that :].

Bike rides – if I have to scour KSL every day to find a bike that will fit you I will, but I want to get you a bike, and then we can finally go on rides together, and get some exercise. We always feel better, are more patient, and just happier in general when we’re exercising. We were doing pretty well for a while, heck, we even joined Cross Fit for a month and loved it! But, then we bought a house, moved, and are now house poor, and with everything else going on exercise was pushed further and further down the line. Well babe, it’s cutting to the front. Prepare yourself for the awful soreness where you practically had to half carry half push me up any and all stairs, do up my bra, and pretty much anything else that required movement.

The gist of it is that this year is about us, about our little family – you, me, Sharky, Padfoot, Sherlock and Luna.


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