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K (the husband) packs my lunch every day, and with my lunch comes notes from him, every day. I can count on one hand the number of times he’s forgotten, and, obviously, I now refuse to make my own lunch, because, well, I want the notes. I’m not even exaggerating when I say that getting one of his notes, especially if it includes one of his adorable stick figure drawings makes my entire day.

He didn’t know that I saved every single note for a while, but I have. I have this mailbox from our wedding, it says P.S. I Love You on the side, and in it goes every note he’s ever written me. This baby is packed full.

One Valentine’s Day, when we used to work together, and share a cubicle, I got up to go to the restroom, and when I got back he’d put notes with things he loved about me, memories of us, etc, all over my monitors, keyboard, everywhere. He’d been working on those notes all morning, without me even realizing it, then hurridly placed them while I was gone. It was the best Valentine’s Day ever.

In a lot of my recent notes there are drawings of us and the dogs, and they just make my heart happy. His stick figures are, well, they’re so awful they are perfect. His stick figure drawing and note writing actually started when he proposed to me. He wrote me a story, fully illustrated, and read it to me. More about that another day, but just know this is something that started before we were married, and I love that he’s kept it going.

I love even more that I get one every day now. One of my most recent favorites

“I <3 U +1 babes thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis much!” With a stick figure stretching out its arms below


While we may not always make each other a priority, and we are horrible at following through with and remembering to do date night instead of just cuddling up to a movie falling asleep, we make each other feel special and loved in different ways. K gets up at 4:30am every morning to let the dogs out, and lets me sleep in a whole hour longer. During that time he packs me lunch, writes me notes, and wakes me up with kisses. Sometimes I’ll come out and see him scribbling away, quickly, trying to finish my note so we can leave for work. I fall in love with him more and more every day.





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