Risk Date Night



One of the first things to go when money got tight, or when we got busy was date nights. I’m all for being more frugal, but date nights themselves, whether they’re playing games at home, going to play mini golf, going out to eat, etc, should never stop. I think in the past 2 or 3 years we’ve maybe done date night a dozen times. That’s awful. Obviously, making ourselves and our relationship a priority is something that we fail at, constantly. Here’s to turning a new leaf – monthly date night! I know, I know, it should be weekly, but it’s all about the baby steps my dear.

And, to make sure it happens, you’ll get to be the third wheel to our date nights. Yes, that’s right, they’ll be blogged. Why? Mostly so I can have proof how many times I play games K (the husband) wants that I hate so I have leverage for things like chick flick nights, or joint pedicures, etc. Basically it’s for the greater good.

As we’re on a budget, hoping to be debt free, other than our house soon, most of our date nights will be at home. Not the watch a movie in bed and fall asleep like we do every night dates, or tub go fish, but at home dates that have been thought out, and that have resulted in me showering and doing my makeup. So, they’ll be right up there with holidays.

October’s Date Night = Awesomeness. Ok, it was ok, but K thought it was awesome, so that’s all that really matters. Not only was I freshly showered (yay!) but my makeup was done, most of the puppies in bed, bra on, and I didn’t wear yoga pants. Yeah, I know, unheard of, but we make sacrifices for the ones we love.


Yes, RISK happened. I’m not a big fan of games, and I have a very, very short attention span, so this is akin to a miracle, but it did happen. I’d never played this game before marrying K, then I played it for the first time with is family. His brother gets super into games and kind of took over, not letting me make a move without him telling me what to do and arguing about it. Not really my cup of tea, at that point I just try to die/get out so it can be over, then I refuse to ever play it again. But, play it again I did, and get this, it was fun. I played it with just K, and since he knows how to make me hate games instantly, he also knows how to help make them enjoyable, and it was a blast, so tonight we played RISK, for the 3rd time in my entire life.

Played is probably not accurate, I just move my pieces to where the colors go best, or make cool shapes, and it ends up with me winning. Odd, but rather awesome at the same time, unless your K, then it’s embarrassing.


Oh, and get this, I even made dessert. No, I didn’t just grab out candy set aside for Halloween, I made something! See that happy face? That’s because he’s knows there’s eclair torte for him in the fridge, one of his favorites.


Date night success! Next one K plans, so, bring your A game Babe, because I nailed this one!




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