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SET date night - Our Kind of Wonderful

SET is a speed based matching game. Sounds simple, right? Yeah, not so much. I’m great at speed games, like, really great, but I never win this one. It’s the matching part that throws me, because there are so many different ways you can match up these shapes in sets of three, either all the same, all different, all one color but different patterns, etc.

Photo by Chandee Marie Photography

K grew up playing SET with his family, and I’d never heard of it until we were married, and even then I put off trying it because, well, it sounded boring. I’m not five, why would I want to play a matching game? I ended up caving because K loves games, and I’ve learned that I love playing games with K, and it’s actually really fun! Somewhat frustrating when you realize matches have been starring you in the face, but fun!

Photo by Chandee Marie Photography

I’m excited to get SET Jr. when A gets a bit older so we can teach her, and so I can have a chance at winning, haha. We also have a SET dice game that we got for Christmas that we still need to try. Pretty much we have an endless amount of game night options ahead of us.

Photo by Chandee Marie Photography

You can get your own SET game HERE, of SET Jr. HERE, or SET dice HERE.

Photo by Chandee Marie Photography



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