S’mores a la Date Night

S’mores happen to be one of my favorite things ever. Like, EVER. I crave them far too often, and keep all ingredients for them in our food storage, just in case.
K (the husband) knows s’mores are a way to my heart, and sometimes he’ll come in with a candle and s’mores ingredients, and it makes any tough day better.
This is one of our few, always dog free activities, as an open flame, chocolate, and melted marshmallows are just a disaster waiting to happen.
I love that we don’t need anything extravagant, and a simple evening of s’mores with each other is a perfect night for us. Our lives have definitely not ended up where we thought – much more chaotic, insanely busy, and stressful than we’d ever planned, but it’s our life, together, and for us, it’s our kind of wonderful.


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Our Kind of Wonderful
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