Story time with A

Story time with A

We’ve always loved story time with A, but as she’s gotten older it’s just become more and more fun. She giggles, jabbers, wants to turn the pages, and loves the crazy voices we do as we read to her. It’s honestly one of my favorite parts of our bedtime routine, reading a book before we brush her teeth and put her to bed.

Unfortunately, with her starting to love books more has also come her love for grabbing them off the shelves, bending them, chewing on them, etc. K and I are weird about books; we cover ours in contact paper to help preserve the binding and are super careful so they continue to look brand new. It’s been an adjustment, us cringing as she throws books around, but we’re hoping this helps her develop a love for reading like us, so we’ll continue to just breathe as she bends pages and drools all over them, and remind ourselves that they’re just things.


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