The Best Eyeshadow Colors For Your Eye Color

Best Eyeshadow Colors For Your Eye Color - Our Kind of Wonderful

Do you remember learning about the color wheel in school? Well, making your eye color pop goes back to that same color wheel. When you use contrasting hues it draws attention to your eyes and intensifies their color. You want to pick a color on the opposite side of the wheel of your eye color.

–Brown Eyes–

Brown eyes actually have some shades of orange and red in them! This makes blues and golds (greenish golds) the best eyeshadows to pick. Bright blues are an amazing choice, but not everyone is into bold. If you aren’t, navy is a subtle option that still helps brown eyes pop. Using a dark blue eye shadow or eyeliner on your lash line is a good way to add in that blue. Using a green-gold will help prevent your look from appearing too colorful and bold for everyday wear.

The Dream Street is great for brown eyes, and just makes them pop, while still being a bit more subtle and not using straight out blue.


–Blue Eyes–

A perfect contrast for blue eyes are rich, warm colors. Browns and terra cottas – pretty much any colors that have that hint or orange are perfect for the everyday look for blue eyes. If you throw in some metallics like gold or bronze they will help your eyes pop for an evening out. Most of the time you want to avoid black eyeliner as it can appear quite harsh on lighter skin tones, and instead use a brown or bronze liner.

The 3502 Second Nature Palette by Morphe is a perfect fit for blue eyes, taking you from every day to evening eyes.


–Green Eyes–

Shades of purple and pink are the perfect contrast for green eyes. If you are trying to make green eyes pop without going too bold and colorful use taupe or another neutral shade all over the lid, applying the purple hues closer to the lash line.  You also want to steer toward charcoal, silver, or deep purple eyeliners and avoid black as it tends to be too harsh. 

Add in some bolder purples at night and you’re good to go. This Matte & Metal palette by Stila Cosmetics would be the perfect go to for green eyes.


–Hazel Eyes–

Autumn colors are the perfect combination to make hazel eyes stand out. You just can’t beat those rich browns, and golds (greens too if you want to make your hazel eyes look more brown). If you are wanting to bring out the greens and golds use a bronze or eggplant color. Warm brown shades are the perfect everyday look, and if you add in some yellow you get that pop of color that is still a pretty safe every day look. Dark eggplant eyeliner is perfect to get those green and gold flecks to pop.

The Tartlette Toasted palette is absolutely perfect for your hazel eyes. I’d pick up some eggplant eyeliner, and maybe an eggplant shimmer for special occasions and be all set.

Don’t feel like you have to follow these rules for your eye color, I certainly don’t! I love using all the colors, but if I’m doing a special date night, or photos, I try to stick to the colors that make my blue eyes pop. Otherwise, it’s whatever I’m feeling, or wanting to try out that day.




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