We Really Are Busy



So, we flake on people. A lot. And, well, people get upset and offended, but I promise, we really are busy, not just avoiding you.

We work, a ton. I don’t mean like, hey, we worked a whole 45 hours this week. I mean K (the husband) and I each work at least 60 hour weeks, and it’s exhausting. Then, we come home, and there is so much more work to do there, so it feels like we never  really get a break.

If K can’t go, I’m not going to go. We already don’t see each other very much as it is. I know, I know, we’re married, how is that even possible? K works 7 days a week, and we have 4 dogs, so while we may be home together, getting quality, one on one time is oh so scarce. Plus, let’s be honest, he’s the calmer, friendlier, and more likeable of the two of us, so he’s definitely missed if I go somewhere without him.

We have 4 dogs. Yup, I’ve heard it all, should have thought of that before getting them, they’re just dogs it doesn’t matter, that’s what you get for having 4 dogs, etc. Listen here, we never wish we didn’t have them, we’ve wished for a dog babysitter a time or two so we could sleep in past 5am at least once a week, but that is it. We don’t regret getting them, and we will not be getting rid of them. If you want to see us enough, you’ll come over here. Our dogs are puppies and still destroy things, so they are in crates while we are at work. I’m not going to put them in a crate once I get home, and on weekends I want them out as much as possible, and I want to spend time with them. So, if we can’t bring them it is very unlikely we’ll be going, that’s just how it is.

We are house poor. Even just the extra gas to go a couple of towns over could be the difference in us having gas to get to work or not. We budget out everything, so if it’s going to cost us any money, you can almost definitely count us out.

I plain don’t want to. Ok, that sounds a bit rude, but what little free time, or us time, we ever get, is treasured. If I can spend an evening with K, just the two of us, I am going to jump at the chance, and I know K would do the same.

While we are social people, and love hanging out with friends and family, right now it’s just not in the cards. So, if you’re offended, how about that energy you’re using, hop in your car, and come over for a dose of puppy love.



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