We get asked the same questions a lot, so I figured a FAQ could be helpful!

How did you two meet? We actually met at work! We worked at a group home together, K worked nights, I worked the day shift, and we got to know each other a bit as he’d come in to relieve me at night. We both thought the other was pretty rad, then about a year after I quit we got in touch again and started dating.

What do you do for a living? K works in tech support for a cloud storage company, and I work as a QA Tester, so I test software.

Do you stay home with the kids? We have arranged to work opposite shifts so we can keep our children out of daycare. K works nights, I work days. We make it a point to have dinner together every night, and I make breakfast for everyone before I leave for work. We also have opposite days off so we can have more time together as a family spread out throughout the week. I love that our daughter and future children will get quality time with both of us, and in the future one of us may end up staying home if circumstances allow.

What’s with the initials? Why P, K, A, S, G? P is for me, K is for my husband, A is for our daughter, S is for A’s birth mom, and G is for A’s birth sister. We use initials because it’s faster, and we like to keep as much privacy as we can for ourselves online. 

What religion are you? We aren’t. We were raised Mormon, but have since left the church, and do not practice any religion.

What do you like doing as a family? With 4 dogs and a baby we very much love communal naps, haha. We love going on walks, playing games (while A tries to eat the pieces and the dogs beg thinking the pieces are treats), watching movies, cooking, reading together.

Where do you live? We own a house on .24 acre in Utah. We have a fenced backyard, and the most amazing neighbors. One of our neighbors is actually how we learned more about adoption and decided to pursue it, which is how we came to be parents to A.

Why 4 dogs? Haha, yeah…that wasn’t actually planned. We had put money down on 1 dog a family was trying to rehome, K’s dream dog, a Malamute Husky mix. They told us we needed a sibling for her, as that’s how she’d grown up, or she’d get lonely and probably run away. So, we went and found her not 1, but 2 siblings: Sherlock and Luna. They were the last ones from their litter, and I just couldn’t separate the siblings! Then, the original dog, the Malamute Husky mix we’d put money down, well, the people ended up trying to take our money and run. So, we lost that dog, but I really wanted to get K his dream dog. So, I found someone else selling Malamute Husky Mixes, and Sharky and Padfoot were again, the last 2 of their litter, and I couldn’t separate them. So, we have 4 dogs.

Our Kind of Wonderful
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