11 Ideas on What to Post

Knowing where to start can be hard, and I know it holds a lot of people back. I’ve come up with 12 ideas that should be relevant for any couple that you can use to start posting. I have a Facebook group where I post tips and prompts to help with your adoption profiles, which […]


New Leaves

This morning K came rushing into the bedroom to tell me that we couldn’t have sandwiches for lunch, as the bread was all moldy, apologizing for not noticing it sooner. Then, when I went to make us our breakfast smoothies we were all out of kiwi. No big deal, we’ll just take cereal. Nope, the […]

A is 2! - Our Kind of Wonderful

A is 2!

You guys – how do we have a 2 year old?! Honestly, we are floored – the past two years have flown by, and suddenly we have a full blown toddler. A is the sweetest big sister, going to her brother and sister any time they are upset, bringing them a bottle or a toy. […]

Best Eyeshadow Colors For Your Eye Color - Our Kind of Wonderful

The Best Eyeshadow Colors For Your Eye Color

Do you remember learning about the color wheel in school? Well, making your eye color pop goes back to that same color wheel. When you use contrasting hues it draws attention to your eyes and intensifies their color. You want to pick a color on the opposite side of the wheel of your eye color. […]

Do You Have Cool or Warm Undertones? - Our Kind of Wonderful

Do You Have Warm or Cool Undertones?

Wondering if you’re cool or warmed tone is a question that I get a lot, and that can affect what colors of makeup look best on you. Guess what – it’s so simple to tell! Surface (Ivory, light, medium tan, dark) and undertones are two different things. I can have the same skin color as […]

Meet D & T - Our Kind of Wonderful

Meet D and T

This is long overdue, as we had this video done in December, but I’m finally getting around to sharing it now. Meet our “twins,” D & T! A is the best big sister and adores them both, and they are so patient with her in return. We love our little family, and are so in […]


Coaster Making & Yamslam Date Night

Making coasters wouldn’t have been my first choice for a date night, but it was actually really fun! I was really tired and giggly for our date, but as usual K was beyond patient with me, and just told me I was adorable. This date box also came with Yamslam, a fast paced dice game […]

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