I Love You K, Happy Birthday

It’s your birthday week!!! This year marks 6 of your birthdays we’ve spent together, but it feels like I’ve known you forever, and also like we’ve barely had any time together, if that even makes sense. I look back on photos of us together and we were such babies! Our lives together haven’t been perfect, none ever […]

Bop-It-Extreme Date Night - Our Kind of Wonderful

Bop-It-Extreme Date Night

I’m sure this post shows my age a bit, but I LOVE Bop It, and Bop It Extreme. I grew up with these games, and was shocked when I realized K and I had never battled it out Bop It style. It was only fitting that we’d do a date night battle. I’m better with […]

What is Open Adoption - Our Kind of Wonderful

What is Open Adoption?

Adoption is hard, if I’m being honest. You put yourself out there, hoping that someone is going to like you, and want you to be the parent of their child. Your life is inspected by a social worker and you have to prove that you’re “fit” to be parents, when if you’d had biological children […]

Date Night Jar - Our Kind of Wonderful

Date Night Jar

I’m sure you’ve seen the date night jars all over Pinterest, just like I have, but I could never find one with date ideas that would really work for us. I finally took the plunge and made one for us, in another attempt to get weekly, not just monthly, date nights to be a thing. […]

Our Favorite Baby Items - Our Kind of Wonderful

Our Favorite Baby Items

With adopting A there wasn’t much we had control of, when or if we’d be chosen, but the one way I could prepare and love this baby that wasn’t here, or ours, was to prepare for her to come. And boy, did I prepare, and then over prepare, and then I still prepared some more. […]

Happy Father's Day K - Our Kind of Wonderful

Happy Father’s Day K!

Becoming parents after we made the decision to adopt happened faster than we ever could have hoped for, or what we were told to expect. I was the one stressing and over preparing to handle it all, while K was just as chill as could be, building the nursery furniture and just excited to be […]

SET date night - Our Kind of Wonderful

SET date night

SET is a speed based matching game. Sounds simple, right? Yeah, not so much. I’m great at speed games, like, really great, but I never win this one. It’s the matching part that throws me, because there are so many different ways you can match up these shapes in sets of three, either all the […]

Photo by Chandee Marie Photography

Goodbye Sherlock

Sherlock had been battling epilepsy like a champ for months, changing meds, getting blood tests, changing med doses again, adding new meds, more blood tests – the cycle felt endless. Throughout it all he was still able to be happy and enjoy life, and he was mostly our Sherlock. He wasn’t quite the same, but […]

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