New Leaves


This morning K came rushing into the bedroom to tell me that we couldn’t have sandwiches for lunch, as the bread was all moldy, apologizing for not noticing it sooner. Then, when I went to make us our breakfast smoothies we were all out of kiwi. No big deal, we’ll just take cereal. Nope, the milk has gone bad. I just had to start laughing – this is what our lives have pretty much been like non-stop since May when K was laid off.

Our lives always seem to be going full force, and lately so much shit has hit the fan that it feels like we can never catch a break. Last week our dryer stopped working, and we discovered our water heater leaking. Two new water heaters later we have hot water and less wet carpet, and thanks to an awesome appliance guy we can now continue with our 8+ loads of laundry a week.

Since K being laid off we both work 2 jobs, and I just switched to a new company for my main job – so tons of changes. And, with changes comes so much stress, fighting, fear, uncertainty, along with excitement, fresh starts, and re adjusting priorities. Honestly, prior to all of this our marriage was already struggling, and with everything piling on one after another we have seriously wondered if we are going to be able to do this together. When things get so bad that we just want to call it quits (which has been quite frequently lately) I look at our family and my heart melts. I watch our previous lifestyle video, and now this one (both by Krissi Cook) , and realize I’ll do anything to make this work, and so will K.

We’ve had to turn over a lot of new leaves lately – lots of forgiveness, patience, boundaries with ourselves and others, taking space when we need, removing drama and negativity from our lives, making ourselves individually and as a couple a priority, trying again and again, but we are doing it. Our little family, with the good and the bad, is definitely Our Kind of Wonderful.


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Our Kind of Wonderful
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