Blast to the Past Date Night

Blast to the Past Date Night - Our Kind of Wonderful

I grew up with these amazing Disney Look & Find books – a Beauty & the Beast one, and a Little Mermaid one, both of which I was obsessed with. I’d never busted them out to show K before, but when we were reorganizing and setting up our makeshift living room entertainment center I found them again! I was so, so excited. At first K laughed at me for wanting to do them, and being so excited, but then he got into it too. A couple weeks after this date night he actually brought home a Where’s Waldo book for us to do together <3. I love that I’m able to share some things from my childhood with him, as it’s usually him sharing stuff with me that he loved as a kid. Plus, my stuff is way cooler, I mean, just look, these books are epic.  I’ve put more of them on my Christmas wants list, so I think we’ll be having quite a few blast to the past date nights in the future.




Our Kind of Wonderful
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