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Strawberry Rolls with Cream Cheese Frosting - Our Kind of Wonderful

Strawberry Rolls with Cream Cheese Frosting

These strawberry rolls are seriously to die for. They are SOOOOO good! We tried out this recipe for the first time when we were taking dinner to a neighbor who’s basement had flooded. And, let’s just say K said their basement should flood more often so I’d make these, haha.

Copycat Cinnabon Cinnamon Rolls - Our Kind of Wonderful

Copycat Cinnabon Cinnamon Rolls

Cinnamon rolls are a huge hit at our house, and pretty much with everyone I know. We do different variates, from blueberry cinnamon rolls to some with lemon and raspberry, but sometimes the traditional, classic ones just hit the spot. This recipe is perfect for that! These are so easy, and delicious. If you like […]

Toffee - Our Kind of Wonderful


K’s family makes toffee each Christmas, and it’s a tradition that he absolutely loves. We celebrated Christmas super early this year, around Thanksgiving, as my sister was in town, so come December we didn’t really feel like it was Christmas. To help with that, I decided I would try my hand at making toffee, as […]

Key Lime Pie Bars - Our Kind of Wonderful

Key Lime Pie Bars

I’d never had a key lime pie I liked, but K loves them, so every once in a while I try to find a good recipe. But, no such luck. Then, I stumbled upon these key lime pie bars, and they are soooo good! Even I loved them! They are quite sweet, so it’s best […]

Ghost Pretzels - Our Kind of Wonderful

Ghost Pretzels

We try to be somewhat cute neighbors and do treats for Halloween and Christmas. Some years we are more ambitious than others, like last year when we did our Hocus Pocus S’mores Pops. I’m hoping as A gets older she’ll love to join in, and we can do more cute, and fun foods! For now, […]

Oreo Poke Cake - Our Kind of Wonderful

Oreo Poke Cake

K and I don’t tend to be big cake people, we prefer pie, cheesecake, almost anything to cake. But, poke cakes are where it’s at you guys. Poke cakes are amazing, so moist, and just the best things ever. So, Oreo Poke Cake was a huge hit for his birthday a few months ago, and […]

Mom's Brownies - Our Kind of Wonderful

Mom’s Brownies

These are the brownies I grew up with, that everyone always requested my mom to make. These are her version of my grandpa’s brownies. He used to keep brownie scraps in the freezer for us when we’d come to visit, and we’d eat them so fast. They were AMAZING. He’d also make a fresh batch […]

Banana Muffins with Cinnamon Frosting - Our Kind of Wonderful

Banana Muffins with Cinnamon Frosting

We are notorious for buying bananas, and wasting said bananas when they go bad too quickly. As is no surprise to anyone, that was about to happen again, but I told K no way, we were actually going to bake something, and freeze the rest. Man, are we glad we did! These banana muffins with […]

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