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Coaster Making & Yamslam Date Night

Making coasters wouldn’t have been my first choice for a date night, but it was actually really fun! I was really tired and giggly for our date, but as usual K was beyond patient with me, and just told me I was adorable. This date box also came with Yamslam, a fast paced dice game […]


Cake Pops & Painting Date Night

This was our first time making cake pops, and it was so fun! Our date box came with the mixes to make the cake pops, paints, canvas board, and some tunes to jam to during our date. I’m the more artistic one, so it was fun to watch K bust out the paints and go […]

S'more and Star Gazing Date Night - Our Kind of Wonderful

S’mores and Star Gazing Date Night

S’mores are the way to my heart. I LOVE s’mores, and we’ll make them over candles all year round. When this date box came I was giddy with excitement, and kept asking to do it. Well, we finally did! I got all of these candles, and we lit them roasted marshmallows, cuddles up (almost lighting […]

Scrabble Date Night - Our Kind of Wonderful

Scrabble Date Night

I feel like I have an unfair advantage when it comes to Scrabble date nights, as even though he’s an english major, K can’t really spell…. but he beats me at pretty much any game we play, so I’ll take it! I’ve never been a big Scrabble player, but then again, before marrying K I […]

Castle Panic Date Night - Our Kind of Wonderful

Castle Panic Date Night

Castle panic is a game we’ve had for years and have yet to get sick of. We have quite a few expansions for it, so we’re able to change it up and it feels like a new game. In Castle Panic you work together to defend your castle from monsters. The monsters move closer to […]

Monopoly Deal Date Night - Our Kind of Wonderful

Monopoly Deal Date Night

We first played Monopoly Deal with our neighbors at a game night. Ever the skeptic when it comes to new games, I was pretty sure it was going to be lame, but was too polite to say anything. You guys, it isn’t lame! This game is actually so, so fun! Monopoly Deal is a card […]

British Date Box - Our Kind of Wonderful

British Date Box

This British date box was so much fun, and seriously packed with things to do! We got to play Naked Pictionary, which included cards of words, a pad of paper, and invisible ink pens so we had to draw without being able to see what we were drawing, then we shown a light to see […]

Guillotine Date Night - Our Kind of Wonderful

Guillotine Date Night

Guillotine may be a game that rubs some the wrong way, since it’s based off of actual events, but we got past that, and actually really love playing it, and it’s one of our at home date night go to’s. We love card games, and especially ones that are kind of fast, so we can […]

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