A is 2!

A is 2! - Our Kind of Wonderful

You guys – how do we have a 2 year old?! Honestly, we are floored – the past two years have flown by, and suddenly we have a full blown toddler. A is the sweetest big sister, going to her brother and sister any time they are upset, bringing them a bottle or a toy. She will whisper, “shhh, shhh, ok, ok” as she pats them and tries to calm them down. She is a great helper – wiping off the table each night, throwing away diapers, putting away dishes, starting the dishwasher, and helping to make her own bed. She hates when we trim the dog’s nails, thinking we’re hurting them and will cry until we show her they’re alright, then she gives them tummy rubs while we trim. She is obsessed with being outside, and asks to go play every night. She has learned to say Harry Potter, and loves to play with her fake makeup each morning while I get ready for work and am doing mine. She is growing up way, way too fast.

For A’s birthday we made a whole weekend of it, and had an absolute blast. We started out visiting a little farm, and although at first it wasn’t a hit, once A warmed up she had fun. We brought the grandparents for fun and needed reinforcements, as three kids in public is honestly, exhausting. A absolutely loved watching people ride the horses, but wasn’t quite ready to give it a try herself. She also, oddly enough, loved the turkeys, haha. The twins were just chill through it all, and loved that there were enough arms that everyone was able to be held and we barely had to use the stroller. 

The next day, K made A her favorite breakfast – as soon as she saw the muffin tins she started squealing and just watched the oven in excitement. Then, when they were ready to serve as she sat in her chair waiting for us to bring them over she kept squealing “ooh, ooh, ooh!”. She literally does this every time we make mini german pancakes, and it’s the cutest thing ever. Then we did some gifts and just played, and let her watch Moana to her hearts content. She sings along to all the songs and tries to get the twins to sing too. 

We finished up the weekend by swimming at my uncle’s house – first time swimming for all of the kids. The twins loved it, but D kept falling asleep as it was nap-time. T had a blast kicking and giggling away, and once A finally warmed up to the idea she loved making baskets with dad. My mom made us all lunch and planned the whole thing, which, with hauling 3 kids anywhere, was a bigger help than I even realized it would be. Aunt A and Uncle T were able to spend time with us, and it was so, so great having them there. As exhausting as the weekend was, we’re really excited for the kids combined birthday party in the fall.


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Our Kind of Wonderful
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