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Crochet Baby Afghan - Our Kind of Wonderful

Crochet Baby Afghan

My mom taught me to crochet when I was little, and the extent of my skills was a simple beanie, simple scarves, and “blankets” for my barbies. I never could read patterns, at least, not well. They didn’t turn out right, ever, so I just kind of gave up for a while. Then, a few […]


Meal Planning/Prepping

I often have friends and neighbors tell me they’re envious of the meals we make, and that they could never have enough time to make the things we make. Uhm, K and I both work full time, we have a 5 month old baby and 4 dogs, so I’m pretty sure we’re just as busy, […]


Replacing Toilets

When we purchased our house we didn’t really pay attention to the toilets, because, well, who does that? After moving in we found that only the basement toilet was full size, so our master bathroom toilet, and guest bathroom toilet upstairs were very, very small for K, and uncomfortable. As it was just a matter […]


“Simple” DIY Wood Step Stool

I found plans for this adorable little stool, showed K that plans, and he said we could definitely do it! I was adamant that I help. Let me just tell you how short lived that was. I learned how to use a drill and pre-drill holes, and drill in screws, cut some wood with a […]

Water Damaged Window Frames - Our Kind of Wonderful

Water Damaged Window Frames

When we moved into our house, well, a bit after, let’s be honest, we noticed some bulging areas around window frames in two of our bedrooms. I thought it was weird, and then forgot to ask K to really check them out. Then, as we were painting the nursery I noticed again that around the […]

Office Makeover - Our Kind of Wonderful

Office Makeover

This house, well, it was like skittles exploded with diarrhea all over with all of the horrible paint colors throughout. This room I avoided like the plague. The florescent orange was just too much. I’m orange-d out for life, just from enduring this room for nearly a year. Thankfully, we’ve finally redone it! We painted […]

Book Caddy - Our Kind of Wonderful

Book Caddy

  K (the husband) built this adorable book caddy for our nursery. I swear he just gets handier and handier, it’s pretty awesome. I’m definitely incredibly lucky to have a husband that likes to build, because, well, I love handmade things. He used the plans HERE, and went to town! When he was done building […]

DIY Raised Planters - Our Kind of Wonderful

Raised Planter

K built these gorgeous raised planters for us, and I am still drooling over them. Trying to still have a garden while also having 4 puppies has proved to be…challenging. Although, watching them run around with a huge zucchini in their mouth that they just picked is still one of my favorite oh crap moments […]

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