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Best Eyeshadow Colors For Your Eye Color - Our Kind of Wonderful

The Best Eyeshadow Colors For Your Eye Color

Do you remember learning about the color wheel in school? Well, making your eye color pop goes back to that same color wheel. When you use contrasting hues it draws attention to your eyes and intensifies their color. You want to pick a color on the opposite side of the wheel of your eye color. […]

Do You Have Cool or Warm Undertones? - Our Kind of Wonderful

Do You Have Warm or Cool Undertones?

Wondering if you’re cool or warmed tone is a question that I get a lot, and that can affect what colors of makeup look best on you. Guess what – it’s so simple to tell! Surface (Ivory, light, medium tan, dark) and undertones are two different things. I can have the same skin color as […]


Smokey Eye

A smokey eye is something I’ve always been intimidated by, but that I finally decided that I wanted to conquer. I chose to have a purple hue to mine, as with how pasty I am I feel that just black and grey is a bit too drastic for my skin tone, and isn’t as flattering. […]


Sunset in Sumatra, a Sultry Red Rose Valentine’s Day Look

This was such a fun makeup look to come up with, and is perfect for Valentine’s Day! I love the pop of color, that is still neutral enough to not be too much. Paired with a nice lip color and you can take this look from day to night with ease. First you want to […]


Peacock Inspired Eyeshadow Look

This peacock eyeshadow look uses the Jaclyn Hill palette, which I’m currently obsessed with. The colors are absolutely gorgeous, they blend so well, and are crazy vibrant. If you don’t own this palette you really should purchase it – I can pretty much guarantee you won’t regret it. First you’ll want to grab your Urban […]


Glitter Eye Look

Glitter eyes are so, so fun and gorgeous, and are surprisingly easy! Looks that I can do while wearing a baby are must haves for me, with 3 kids under 1.5 years old I’m almost always wearing or holding one as I get ready. And, once you go glitter you’ll have an obsession and not […]

Our Kind of Beauty - Our Kind of Wonderful

Our Kind of Beauty and Chaos

I ended up joining Maskcara as an artist back in August, a few days after our second meeting with T’s birth mom. I was convinced she wasn’t going to pick us, so I made a rash decision and joined a MLM, haha. It was semi-rash, I’d actually been debating it for months, but hadn’t decided […]

I Did Something I Said I’d Never Do, I Joined a MLM, But Hear Me Out… - Our Kind of Wonderful

I Did Something I Said I’d Never Do, I Joined a MLM, But Hear Me Out…

Ok, so I did something I swore I’d never do, I signed up to be a Maskcara distributor. I know, I know, it’s a MLM, everyone hates MLM’s, it’s a pyramid scheme, etc. I get it, we all know someone who’s a distributor of something, and we’ve all had friendships turn awkward when suddenly it’s all […]

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