Squash Thieves


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When we bought our house we were so excited to plant a garden and get the yard nice looking. For a bit, we were on track with that goal. Then, I had this genius idea to feed our dogs squash. It’s on the list of safe food for dogs, and we had tons, so it was a win win. Turns out they love squash, yay! It also turns out that they are insanely smart, and figured out that the delicious morsels I was feeding them also happened to grow outside in our yard. So, what did they do? Yup, they did. We look out the window one day to Sharky running out from one of our zucchini plants, a huge zucchini that’s almost as long as her clutched in her teeth, and Padfoot chasing after her. The zucchini was big enough that I have no idea how she carried it and didn’t trip, but carry it she did. Then, her and Padfoot happily layed on the grass/weed mixture that is our backyard and chowed down. K (the husband) and I can’t even be upset, because it’s so adorable and cute.

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Now, when we look out our window at our backyard we see our squash thieves tangled in what is left of our squash plants, fighting over the last bits of squash that have hung on, and it’s just too cute to even be upset about.

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