The Battle of the Pumpkin Painting


Armed with washable paint, aprons, paint brushes, and a plastic pumpkin full of treats we ventured out onto our porch to tackle our biggest foe yet: Pumpkin carving/painting with the fur babies.

2015-10-29_0016.jpgThe struggle was intense. Luna wanted kisses, to play with her BFF Chloe, pretty much anything but to have her paw painted and then pressed onto a pumpkin. Last result tactics in the form of funny faces, giggly sounds, and kisses were used to subdue her, then once she’d successfully put her paw onto the pumpkin to make a gob representing a paw print she was showered with treats.
2015-10-29_0017.jpgOnce freed Luna terrorized her siblings, taunting them with her one pink paw, and adorable ghost bandana.
2015-10-29_0019.jpgSherlock was next. He fought bravely, using all of him whims to try to avoid the blue paint: whines, huge smiles, ear flopping, etc, but in the end was defeated as well, and his blue blob of a paw print shone proudly on our pumpkin.
2015-10-29_0020.jpgSharky quickly changed sides, joining our forces. Obsessed with all paint, she laid seige to our supplies, covering herself in paint, snout to paw. Her attempt to recruit the others proved successful, and colorful paw prints quickly covered the porch.
2015-10-29_0021.jpgArmed with treats we set to conquer Padfoot. The largest of the pack he quickly admitted defeat, rolling over for a tummy rub whilst having his paw painted and chowing down on the treats that were brought for bribery.
2015-10-29_0022.jpgThe next missions was upon us. All 4 dogs had their goopy prints on the pumpkin, now, to remove the paint and clean up their paws, snouts, entire bodies.
2015-10-29_0023.jpgThese smiles did not come easy. So many treats were consumed, but desperate times result in desperate measures.
2015-10-29_0024.jpgStill donning her war paint, Sharky posed with the rest of her pack for a family photo. Disgruntled, tired, and a little but uncooperatively they sat there, waiting for Chloe to say they were done so they could get more treats.
2015-10-29_0026.jpgLuna pulled out all of her adorableness in an effort to bribe Chloe, but to no avail.
2015-10-29_0027.jpgThen udder chaos broke out, dogs jumping on us left and right, trying to eat the pumpkin, tackling Chloe.

The battle of the pumpkin carving/painting is over, and we came out victorious once again.




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