Photo by CR Photography
Photos by Chandee Richins Photography

Our adoption journey has been a whirlwind, happening so fast, but at the same time feeling like we’ve waited forever to have our daughter in our arms. It all started after my Motherhood blog post. So many people reached out with heart felt messages, advice, etc. Then, our neighbor who is a co-owner of Utah Adoption Specialists came over and talked to us about adoption, and how you can do it without it costing $20k+. We had no idea that adoption could be an option for us, and when she explained it all to us we were just filled with hope.

Photos by Chandee Richins Photography

Shortly after that we made our Facebook page and posted about hoping to adopt on our blog, and it’s kind of just history from there. A mutual friend showed S, A’s birth mom, our blog, she reached out to us, and ended up choosing us to be A’s parents. We love her, and are so excited about having her as a part of our family as well. 

Photos by Chandee Richins Photography

After we posted about becoming parents the outpouring of love and support was overwhelming. This amazing newborn photographer, Chandee Richins, reached out to us wanting to do newborn photos for us, saying she’d been following our adoption journey. She even used a hat in A’s newborn photos that I made.  I’d sent it to her back when I ran an etsy shop for newborn items, and when she pulled it out I was so thrilled that A could wear something her momma made in her photos.

Photos by Chandee Richins Photography

Our neighbor and my mom planned a baby shower for me, and when I posted about it with a link to where we’re registered friends and family, some that I hadn’t really talked to much in the past couple of years, bought us things off of our registry, telling us how excited they are for us. Getting those random gifts and notes full of love in the mail had me in tears. I feel like that’s all I do now, just cry from being overwhelmed with emotions and gratitude.

Photos by Chandee Richins Photography

K was offered a new job, pretty much his dream job, just a few weeks before A was born, and they were so gracious letting him delay starting until after A was born. My job has been amazing to work with, letting me work from home and do what’s needed to take care of our daughter. I came back to my first day of work to a gift card from my team and diapers. With K’s new job and schedule it means A only has to go to a babysitters for a handful of hours a week.

Photos by Chandee Richins Photography

Neighbors have offered to watch A for me so I can mow the lawn, nap, etc. We’ve had meals brought over, gifts for A, and some great company. Since being married K and I never lived somewhere where we just felt we belonged and were good friends with our neighbors until here. We know this is where we were supposed to be, and that without being here, and having our neighbor at Utah Adoption Specialists, we wouldn’t have A.

Photos by Chandee Richins Photography

Our family has grown even bigger with the addition of S, A’s birth mom, and her birth sister. We absolutely adore both of them, and feel beyond blessed to have them as part of our family. I feel like we were all meant to be in each other’s lives. We are so excited for our open adoption, for A to grow up knowing and loving them both, and knowing they love her in return.

Photos by Chandee Richins Photography

So, what we’re trying to say is thank you. Thank you to all of those that have congratulated us, to those who have stopped by to love on our baby girl, to those that have sent us gifts. Thank you to those that have brought meals, or even just showered us with kind words. Thank you to our mutual friend for showing S our blog, and thank you to S for wanting to meet us, and wanting us to be A’s parents. Thank you to family for being so excited over this new grand daughter, niece, cousin, etc. We can never say thank  you enough or tell you how touched we’ve been with all of the support and love. We are so unbelievably grateful for all of you.

Photos by Chandee Richins Photography

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