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More out of necessity than want, at least now, K (the husband) and I have become handy. Well, handy-ish. There’s this thing called being house poor, which people told me would happen, but I laughed at. We had a budget, we had it all figured out, we were going to be just fine. Well, I’m pretty sure the fates/God/karma, whatever laughed at us for thinking we had it all figured out. Then, a month after buying a house and getting 4 puppies K was laid off, and everything was insane.

Now, both of us work 2 jobs, so, we’re more ok than we were when he was laid off, but we have learned the meaning of house poor all too well. Just this past week our tub jets broke, we were told the motor went out, and it will be between $400 and $600 to repair it. :[ (this was quite possibly one of my favorite things in our house, K’s too)

Now, a tub isn’t something I can fix myself,  because, well….just no. However, there are plenty of things we can do, such as building a new bed frame. Ours is 3 years old, and was a $300 or $400 frame from Overstock, so nothing fancy. Well, with the added weight and jumping, crawling under, knocking off support beams, chewing legs and beams that come with puppies, ours has kind of broken. By kind of I mean it creaks so bad and shakes if you even sit on it your’e terrified it will just burst apart. It also has splits in the wood all over, and is just a disaster waiting to happen.

Well, K and I have taken on building ourselves a new bed frame, hopefully soon. Our bed is a California King due to K being a giant, so this is no small task. We looked online at bedroom sets, or even just bed frames and it was going to be anywhere from 1k to $3500, and uhm, house poor, remember? With neighbors and family that we can borrow tools from (we have most of what we need) we just need the lumber. We have extra paint from all of our other projects, so really, it is just lumber and sealant, so, if all goes as planned, we’ll build this frame for less than $200. Probably much less, as we have some extra lumber, and some friends have some too that we can use. We, meaning K mostly. I’m about the least handy person there is. I can cook, crochet, sew, paint, but when it comes to lumber my skill level drops down to zero.

And, this frame will no doubt be sturdier than any we’ve had before. So, bring it on puppies! (Not really, don’t ruin this one too).

I am SOO excited. We’ll definitely blog it as it happens.

So, props go out to this man, who goes along with my crazy ideas. Who works 7 days a week, without complaint, and still does things at home. Who adores our dogs and makes time to play fetch with them, and doesn’t get mad when they jump on him and into the car as he gets home from work. (It’s really the cutest thing ever; they get so excited to see him).





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