S’mores and Star Gazing Date Night

S'more and Star Gazing Date Night - Our Kind of Wonderful

S’mores are the way to my heart. I LOVE s’mores, and we’ll make them over candles all year round. When this date box came I was giddy with excitement, and kept asking to do it. Well, we finally did! I got all of these candles, and we lit them roasted marshmallows, cuddles up (almost lighting the blanket on fire because my coordination is so awesome), then cuddled up and looked at the stars and just talked. I love fall and winter, but the cold weather does have me missing being able to go out on the porch with K after A’s asleep, and just feel like we’re in our own little world for a bit. Looks like we’ll just to find our own little escape during the cold months. Here’s to hoping it includes an electric blanket, as I’m a wuss in the cold.


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Our Kind of Wonderful
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