Bop-It-Extreme Date Night

Bop-It-Extreme Date Night - Our Kind of Wonderful

I’m sure this post shows my age a bit, but I LOVE Bop It, and Bop It Extreme. I grew up with these games, and was shocked when I realized K and I had never battled it out Bop It style.

Photo by Chandee Marie Photography

It was only fitting that we’d do a date night battle. I’m better with sound style, but K does better with the voice prompts on Bop It Extreme. Because I’m pretty much a rock start at it I let us do the voice prompts, and then we each took half, K had turn it and pull it, I had flick it and spin it, and we shared Bop It.

Photo by Chandee Marie Photography

It’s no surprise that I dominated. He’s better at almost all the other games we play, my only chance is speed based games, so I was stoked to actually win.

Photo by Chandee Marie Photography

They don’t actually seem to be making this game anymore, so I can’t tell you where to pick it up :[. If you ever run across one I definitely recommend snagging it, because it’s so fun! It’s also slightly sarcastic when you lose, which cracks me up. When you miss a queue sometimes you get, “Do it the same but, uh, better”. Probably part of where I got my sass from as I was obsessed with this game growing up.

Photo by Chandee Marie Photography



Our Kind of Wonderful
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