DIY Blanket Ladder

Photo by Chloe Epperson Photography

I’m not one to like the super cutesy decorations or styles, but blanket ladders got me. We have tons of blankets. I don’t mean tons casually, like, 10 or so, I mean we have probably 20-30+ blankets, and they are all tucked away and inconvenient to use. K has made me one blanket ladder so far, with a second in the works. Let’s be honest, we’ll probably end up having one in every room, since I’m always cold, and, obviously, I’m a blanket addict.

He sanded and cut the wood, and I conditioned it. I’d never stained anything, or used wood conditioner, or sealant before, so this was all a learning process. Conditioning the wood before staining it helps prepare the wood, and makes for a richer outcome.


We made sure to sand out any rough areas so no blankets would snag, then it came time for staining. I did 2-3 different coats, then when the first side dried I flipped the wood over to stain the other side.

DIY Blanket Ladder - Our Kind of Wonderful

Once the stain was completely dry, I sealed it. Then, after a couple coats of sealant it was time for K (the husband) to put them together. (Next time I’ll wait to stain it until after it’s put together, as it would help lessen the drippage)

DIY Blanket Ladder - Our Kind of Wonderful

He did an AMAZING job! My staining needs some work, as I had some unwanted drips, but I know by the time we have one made for each room I’ll be a staining pro. We used this tutorial – we, being K. It was easy to follow, and we loved the diagrams. We used thicker word, I wanted ours chunkier (and it’s what we had), and I absolutely love how it turned out!

Photo by Chloe Epperson Photography
Photo by Chloe Epperson Photography



Our Kind of Wonderful
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