First Aid Kits

First Aid Kits
K (the husband) grew up with a family that was very into emergency preparedness. In mine we had the year or two of food storage, but didn’t really get into the first aid kit aspect of it, whereas his did both. Well, we ended up with a ton of money left over from flex spending that we had to use or lose. I found this awesome online store, the FSA store, where we were able to order things that were all flex spending approved, and that’s exactly what we did.
First Aid Kits
K was so excited when box after box of items arrived. We ended up with 5 huge boxes full of items for first aid kits, so we are now mega prepared.
I asked K what the basics were that are needed in a first aid kit, for anyone out there like me, who knows nothing about them: 
Bandages, of different sizes
Some type of disinfectant (rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, iodine, ect)
A cutting instrument, knife, scissors, etc
Medication, if a person takes any
Pain Killers
Space blanket
Ace wraps
We keep a first aid kit in our car, always have, and now will have an even better one to keep there, along with some warm clothes, granola bars, etc.
Our next big project is a first aid kit for our dogs. We have a couple of books on first aid for animals, but want to be prepared, and are building up a supply of dog friendly items to help in case of an emergency. 
For any of you that end up with extra flex spending, check out the FSA store so you don’t lose your money, it’s much easier than going to the store and checking out with items, one at a time, to be sure they’re covered.
First Aid Kits
First Aid Kits



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