Homeowner Horrors – Leaky Disposal Edition

Homeowner Horrors - Leaky Disposal Edition

K (the husband) and I were so excited to buy our house, and had these huge dreams of fixing it up, a gorgeous backyard, and just making it our dream home within the first couple of years. In these amazing dreams we forgot to account for all of the repairs, and things breaking, and maintenance that comes with home ownership. 

Recently, we discovered a leaky disposal, after smelling something “off” for a couple of weeks, that we just couldn’t find. Well, it turns out, it was the mold and rot in the bottom of our cabinet. I didn’t get a photo of it other than a phone photo, but it was disgusting, and had eaten all the way through the wood in the floor of the cabinet.


My dad came over to help K do some repairs, and they started with cutting out the rest of the cabinet floor, and making sure there was no damage to the sub flooring.


After determining that was all good, they got to work on replacing the wood. We got some plywood that was already treated to be water resistant, and they used that for the new flooring, as well as adding some supports.


I cracked up when I looked over and saw dad and husband crack, all while fixing some plumbing issues. Just seemed pretty perfect for how things were going, haha.


They did an amazing job! Our disposal was replaced via our home warranty company, so, fortunately, all that we had to take care of was the floor. It is perfect, and we finally have a floor in the cabinet of our kitchen sink now! I’m definitely going to not load it up so full like before, since that was why we didn’t see the leak earlier. 


I have one handyman of a husband, and one handyman of a father – I’m one lucky girl.




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