Homeowner Horrors

Homeowner Horrors - Our Kind of Wonderful

Homeowner Horrors - Our Kind of Wonderful

K (the husband) and I were so excited to buy our house, and had these huge dreams of fixing it up, a gorgeous backyard, and just making it our dream home within the first couple of years. In these amazing dreams we forgot to account for all of the repairs, and things breaking, and maintenance that comes with home ownership. 

Hence, this string of blog posts – Homeowner Horrors, to hopefully help out those eager, new homeowners, like ourselves, that have no idea exactly what owning a home entails, and find themselves drowning.

Since moving into our house at the end of April 2015 we’ve had to:

  • replace toilet handles
  • replace all toilet innards (pump, flap, etc)
  • replace joints under our bathroom sinks that were leaking
  • replace joints behind toilets that were leaking
  • replace our disposal
  • gut our cabinet under our sink and replace the cabinet floor
  • learn how to clean up and remove mold
  • fix a collapsed deck
  • fix collapsed stairs
  • have a repairman come to fix our furnace, with a wiring short that caused it to run at the same time as the air conditioner
  • have a repairman come again to fix our furnace as all winter our house never got warmer than 58 degrees
  • discovered we have broken sprinkler boxes, sprinkler heads, and trying to use them will end up flooding our basement
  • had a fridge compressor go out and leak oil all over our floor
  • replace locks and handles on our doors
  • unclog so many drains
  • patch and texture walls
  • paint as much as possible (the color scheme was pretty much like a rainbow puked in our house)
  • learned to replace furnace filters, and how important that it

So, welcome to Homeowner Horrors, we seem to have a new horror a few times a month, which is accompanied by a frantic call to one of our father’s, and them graciously walking us through how to handle it.





Our Kind of Wonderful
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