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No Soliciting - Our Kind of Wonderful

Let’s be honest, there are not a lot of things I hate more than having someone ring my doorbell (or knock), my dogs going crazy, and me opening my door up to find a salesperson. I don’t need or want their cleaning products, vacuum, cookies, etc, and I’m automatically annoyed as I’m trying to reign in 4 dogs, and they keep talking.

It’s become more and more common, at least where we live, for the door to door salesman to be more and more pushy, and to even get mean when you tell them no, or to even check to see if your door is locked and walk in if you don’t answer. Luckily, I haven’t had someone try to open my front door, but I’m trying to make sure that our time together is just that, our time, and we aren’t interrupted by salesman, and that we don’t get suckered into buying things we don’t need.

So, I found this awesome seller on etsy, and had a no soliciting sign custom made for me. This lady is amazing, her work is phenomenal, and if I ever need another handmade sign I will be going to her. You can see her shop here. This sign has done wonders. I used to get 3-4 door to door salesman a weekend, and I haven’t had a single one since.

No Soliciting - Our Kind of Wonderful

She’s provided the most amazing customer service – if you’re needing a custom sign I highly recommend her. Seriously, she is the best, and so prompt and easy to work with.





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