“Simple” DIY Wood Step Stool



I found plans for this adorable little stool, showed K that plans, and he said we could definitely do it! I was adamant that I help.


Let me just tell you how short lived that was. I learned how to use a drill and pre-drill holes, and drill in screws, cut some wood with a handsaw, and then I got bored. Not just a little bored, but I’m getting onry, irrational, and would rather clean the house than do this bored. 


Figuring out angles, and re-measuring are apparently not my thing. As all we have are some hand saws, the angles have to measured out, drawn on, and slowly cut out, then sanded, measured, to make sure they match.


It’s pretty hard to cut wood to be exact with a hand saw, so the legs took lots of recutting and sanding, and even then they still wobbled! We ended up having to order trimming plane to even out the legs, and at that point I just wanted to throw away the freakin stool.


Once the plane arrived K took care of evening out the legs, and it was ready to paint. I hated the stool so much that I literally had to force myself to go out and finish it, but I did, and it’s adorable, and I love it!


K and I both ended up staining it, we mixed a gray stain with a brown, and I love how the color turned out! I planned on it being gray, but after 4 coats the gray was barely visible, so I told K to just finish it with brown. The combo was beautiful!


Through this whole process I’ve learned that all of that patience I thought marriage, a baby, 4 dogs, and buying a pre owned house were teaching me doesn’t apply to wood working, at all. I can at least use some power tools now, but for the sake of our marriage, I don’t see myself helping K with many projects just yet, at least not until we have all of the tools to make it go faster.


I’ve also gained even more respect for K, as he builds stuff for us all of the time, without complaint, and somehow he even enjoys it. He pretty much has superhero status where that’s concerned, and I’m sure that’s not something I’ll get to forget anytime soon.





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