Book Caddy

Book Caddy - Our Kind of Wonderful


K (the husband) built this adorable book caddy for our nursery. I swear he just gets handier and handier, it’s pretty awesome. I’m definitely incredibly lucky to have a husband that likes to build, because, well, I love handmade things.

Book Caddy - Our Kind of Wonderful

He used the plans HERE, and went to town! When he was done building I painted using Fairy Chalk Mother Paint. I had bought it when we first bought our house with plans on painting furniture with it, then our plans changed. I’m still on the fence about chalk paint, but it did the job and the bookshelf turned out adorable, so I’ll probably give it another go.

Book Caddy - Our Kind of Wonderful

Once the paint dried I sealed it with a water based sealant to help with durability, and whalah – done!

Book Caddy - Our Kind of Wonderful

It’s the perfect size for our nursery, and we’ve already started to fill it with children’s books for our future baby. The adoption journey is one that is never set in stone, so we’re preparing now for when our future baby comes.

Book Caddy - Our Kind of Wonderful




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