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Book Caddy - Our Kind of Wonderful

Book Caddy

  K (the husband) built this adorable book caddy for our nursery. I swear he just gets handier and handier, it’s pretty awesome. I’m definitely incredibly lucky to have a husband that likes to build, because, well, I love handmade things. He used the plans HERE, and went to town! When he was done building […]

For You We Will Move Mountains - Our Kind of Wonderful

For You We Will Move Mountains

  We’ve opened a shop, For You We Will Move Mountains, where we sell handmade items, as well as jewelry and other things (more items coming soon!). This shop was opened to help alleviate the costs of adoption. If you want to read more about our decision to adopt, you can do so here. Our shop name […]

Hoping to Adopt - Our Kind of Wonderful

Adoption – How Can You Help?

We’ve had a few people reach out asking how they can help us with the adoption process, or ask for the link to our gofundme account.We have chosen not to create a gofundme account with the large abundance of them being created throughout social media. We’ve set up a t-shirt campaign, selling a t-shirt we […]

Hoping to Adopt - Our Kind of Wonderful

Our Adoption Decision

K and I have discussed adoption since shortly after we got married. We knew there were genetic traits we weren’t crazy about passing down, and then the more and more serious we got to trying for a child, and the more doctor’s visits to make sure I was all good to go proved that I […]

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