I Love You K, Happy Birthday


It’s your birthday week!!! This year marks 6 of your birthdays we’ve spent together, but it feels like I’ve known you forever, and also like we’ve barely had any time together, if that even makes sense.

I look back on photos of us together and we were such babies! Our lives together haven’t been perfect, none ever are, but I love the way we always fight to make it work and keep going. It’s cliche how they say you come out stronger, but we always do.

I love how handy you are, and how you rose to the challenge of building a bed frame without any wood working experience, and you knocked it out of the park. I love that are home is full of things you’ve made.

I love how gentle you are. You’ve never raised your voice to me, and it’s been over 5 years. That’s insane to me, but something I admire about you, how patient and calm you are. As annoying as it can be at times, it’s also something I appreciate.

I love the way you love me, A, the dogs, so completely. Your face lights up when you see us, and you try to spend as much time with us as you can. From “racing” A as you both crawl towards toys, to trying to teach her the wheelbarrow, to taking an extra couple minutes to spend one on one time with the dogs, to giving me hairsplay and cuddles at night when you can barely keep your eyes open, you love us all completely. 

I love your laugh. Seriously, it just makes me melt every time you laugh for real, where you laugh gets a little higher, you can’t keep your eyes open, and you rock back and forth a bit. 

I love what an amazing father you are. A’s face lights up and she claps her hands when you walk into the room, or she crawls as fast as she can toward you, just giggling. She loves her daddy, and it’s obvious how much you love her. You wake up to take care of her at night without complaint, sing her Les Mes or Beach Boys, and dance with her in the kitchen. I love how much you love her, and seeing you become a father has made me fall even more in love with you.

I love the way you entertain my love of Harry Potter and Jurassic Park without complaint, even though you’re not into them nearly as much as I am. I love that you get excited with me while we watch them, and will make dinosaur cookies with me when we’re watching Jurassic Park. I love that I can scream “Accio quill”, or any other object from somewhere in the house and you’ll come bring it to me. Granted, you’re rolling your eyes, but you let me be a wizard for just a minute. 

I love how safe I feel with you. I can be freaked out from watching too much Criminal Minds, a common occurrence, and as soon as you’re home and holding me I’m fine and can sleep. I love knowing our children will always be safe with you too.

I love that you don’t see men’s chores and women’s chores, just things that need to get done. I’ve never been one to stand by while “men do men’s jobs or women do women’s jobs,” and I love that you aren’t either. I love how readily you help around the house, and that it’s without complaint – I don’t really ever hear of other people’s husbands doing that.

I love that you’ve taught me to love games! Game nights have never been my jam until you, and now I look forward to them and enjoy them. I love when we sit down and just play cards, a board game, etc, and it’s so cute how into it you get.

What I’m getting at, is that I love you K. More than I ever thought I could. Happy birthday week babe! This song pretty much sums up how I’ve been feeling lately. <3


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