Meet Padfoot

Photo by Amber DeHaas Photography

Padfoot is our gentle, tender, scaredy-cat dog. We affectionately call him Chunks, as he was quite hefty when we first got him. We had no idea that was due to him being so sick. We took him to a vet the day we got him, as he was having some trouble breathing, but they told us he was just a fat puppy. Fast forward to 3 weeks after that and at a vet visit they let us know he had bronchitis, and not just a mild case. 2 more vet visits later and 3 different medications later and Chunks was quite a bit less chunky, as he was finally able to breathe well enough to be active and play.

Padfoot is incredibly sensitive, and if either of us are upset he’ll spend the entire day at our feet, with us tripping over him, as he rubs against us and just asks for cuddles. It’s kind of the cutest thing ever, and we fall more and more in love with this little guy every day.

I can’t get over how tiny he was!

Dezember Photography
Photo by Christie Q Photography
Dezember Photography
Photo by Christie Q Photography



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