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Photo by Chandee Marie Photography

Goodbye Sherlock

Sherlock had been battling epilepsy like a champ for months, changing meds, getting blood tests, changing med doses again, adding new meds, more blood tests – the cycle felt endless. Throughout it all he was still able to be happy and enjoy life, and he was mostly our Sherlock. He wasn’t quite the same, but […]

Padfoot, Sharky, Sherlock, and Luna Turned 2! - Our Kind of Wonderful

Padfoot, Sharky, Sherlock, and Luna Turned 2!

We got all 4 dogs when we bought our house, so we celebrate all of their birthdays in April to just kind of celebrate becoming home owners and getting these 4. Our dogs are part of our family, and before A, before even knowing that adoption was a possibility and something that wouldn’t bankrupt us, […]

Dog Collar PSA - Be Careful - Our Kind of Wonderful

Dog Collar PSA – Be Careful

Sharky is a collar ninja, freeing herself and her siblings from their dog collars within minutes of us putting them on, then chewing them to pieces. It got to the point that we were going through 6-10 collars a month, and it was not only expensive, but just plain crazy. The collar hung was on, […]

Puppy Birthday - Our Kind of Wonderful

Puppy Birthdays

So, we are those dog owners that treat their dogs like children. People seem to understand more when they learn that we can’t have biological children of our own, but I honestly think we’ll always be dog spoilers, even after we’ve adopted. For us, these 4 are part of our family, and are treated like […]

Photo by Chloe Epperson Photography


In the past Mother’s Day has never been hard for me, it’s a day to celebrate my mother, and other mother’s in my life, and I’ve loved a day dedicated to them, as they do so much, but this year was different. K and I have been talking a lot about children, and whether biological […]


“Leave It”

“Leave It” is one of those commands you dream of your dogs knowing, and always obeying. We have some friends, and their dog is a pro at it. They’ll put treats on her paws, on her nose, etc and say, “leave it,” and their dog does. They’ll be walking their dog outside, tell her to […]


The Battle of the Pumpkin Painting

Armed with washable paint, aprons, paint brushes, and a plastic pumpkin full of treats we ventured out onto our porch to tackle our biggest foe yet: Pumpkin carving/painting with the fur babies. The struggle was intense. Luna wanted kisses, to play with her BFF Chloe, pretty much anything but to have her paw painted and […]


The Case of the Missing Apples

The previous owners didn’t really take care of the house, yard, anything, and in our unkept yard is an apple tree that desperately needs a pruning. Apparently pruning fruit trees helps them produce healthy fruit, and if they go without the fruit gets smaller and smaller as the tree is overgrown, and it doesn’t fully […]

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