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From a purely social media standpoint, it looks like our life is awesome, and we have it all together. Social media can be so deceiving, and you only see what I want you to see. Let’s be real here, my house is NEVER that clean, except on days when Chloe comes by to take our photos. See my hair done and my make up done? Sure, I try not to look like a hobo 24/7, but I put in extra time on photo days. 

See how we look so in love, and just great together? Yeah, that is definitely not an every day thing. We love each other, but we have to fight like hell, every day, to make our marriage w12235754_10206466418931812_681095527_oork. K and I are very, very different. He is very content. He works hard, but isn’t eager or looking for change, and doesn’t multi task the same way I do. I can never sit still, I am always doing multiple things (this blog, my 2 etsy shops, in the process of opening 1 more, working full time, being a wife, mom to four fur babies, etc) and I am never content. I always want to learn more, be better, and move up. These differences cause huge issues in our marriage, lots of tears, frustrations, and feeling defeated, and anger. You don’t see that in our photos, you don’t see any of it, so here’s a little slice of reality.

Sometimes, our marriage sucks. Some days we wonder what the heck we were thinking. Sometimes, the day of photos, we are fighting and just having to fake that we’re not mad. Sometimes one of us sleeps on the couch. Sometimes our floors are so dirty from 4 dogs that our tile looks brown. The other week when I swept I had 7, yes, 7 piles of dirt. Sometimes we want to give up.

Sometimes, our house is clean. Sometimes we laugh all day long, and couldn’t imagine life any other way. Sometimes we just look at each other, and know this is where we need to be, and who we were meant to be with. Sometimes we aren’t fighting about anything, and we just cuddle up and nap together, with the dogs. Sometimes, our life does look like it does in all of these photos.

But, always, our dogs are smiling, greeting us like we are the best thing ever. Always we keep fighting to make this work. At the end of every day we commit to starting over tomorrow, hoping that it’s better, that we’ll be stronger together, and that we’ll make it. 

Photos by In Frames Photography, she did an good job, but, heads up to those of you that keep asking me who I recommend for photos, her turn around time is 6 weeks, which I know is too long for most people to be ok with, so keep that in mind. Our go to and favorite will always be Chloe Epperson Photography :]


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Our Kind of Wonderful
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