Stop Suggesting We Get Rid of Our Dogs

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So, it seems that every time K (the husband) and I fall on hard times, the solution most of our friends and family members suggest is to get rid of our dogs. Hey, money’s tight? Sell a dog! You’re tired, and fighting a bit because you’re tired and stressed? Well, you have 4 dogs, if you got rid of them it’d probably be easier. Your allergies are going crazy? Get rid of the dogs! You don’t do anything but work, work, work (K and I both have 2 jobs) and sleep, we never see you. When you are free you won’t come because of the dogs, so get rid of them.


Now, I know this might offend some of you, as I didn’t birth or make the dogs, but they are like children to us. We love them, and dote on them. We teach them new things, and get sooo excited when they learn. When K taught them all to roll over he ran to come find me to show me, and laughs at how Padfoot can only roll half way, cuz he’s a bit chunky, and how Luna only ever will shake if it’s mid roll. They are insanely excited to see us, and nothing gets a smile on our face faster than Sharky jumping up, paws on our stomaches, her tongue hanging out, head tilted sideways, and a huge grin on her face as she greets us. Or, when these food driven dogs will walk away from their food bowls to come over for some loves and cuddles mid meal.

I know most don’t care to understand just how much we love them, and how much they are a part of our family, but they are, and they are not going anywhere. I wouldn’t ask you to, or suggest that you get rid of your children, so don’t you dare ask or suggest that we get rid of ours. It’s not happening, and I’m really, really, really tired of hearing it. So, next time you think that’s a solution, think again, and how you suggesting it is just causing us to get a  bit angry, and not want you around.




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