New Beginnings


We’ve had a lot of new beginnings lately, some that we knew from the beginning were amazing, as well as some that have tested us more than we’ve been tested before, and that turned out to be amazing, but were terrifying.

Two weeks ago Kelton was laid off from his job. Terrifying. We just bought a house two months ago, along with 4 puppies, so this was the worst possible time for anything like this to happen. It was when this happened that we made the decision to close Paxelpics Photography as well. I’ve gotten quite a few questions, and a lot of criticism as well, for choosing to close Paxelpics Photography. For that, I’d like to address that this wasn’t a  hasty decision, but one that we’d actually brought up different times over the last few months, but Kelton losing his job forced action. It was what we knew needed to happen, and this just spurred it along a bit faster.

These changes, while hard, will be for the best. Kelton got a new job that he already loves, as a technical writer, which was his ultimate career goal. I love seeing him excited to go to work again, and having that light in his eyes. I’m excited about the idea of weekends at home, playing games with Kelton, playing catch with our dogs, and falling asleep cuddled up to Kelton, with random bones on our bed from when the dogs insisted on joining us. I’m looking forward to making dinners again, and neck kisses in the kitchen from Kelton as I cook. I’m looking forward to having time to read again, to help train our puppies, and to just be more present. I’m also looking forward to being less exhausted, to being able to focus more and excel at my job as a QA Tester, and hopefully opening more doors by doing so.

More than anything, I’m excited to be the best wife and fur baby mom I can be. I’m excited to spend as much time as I can with these 5. I’m so excited for our future, and the dreams we’ll make together.


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