Waking the Kraken

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So, we have 4 dogs, and dogs are like children in the way that if one gets sick, they all usually get sick.  I do everything I can (essential oils, fruits and vegetables daily, walks, washing their dog “bedding” weekly, etc) to keep germs away, and get rid of any sickness without a vet visit, if possible. When I don’t know what to do I turn to Google, and Pinterest, for ideas.

This past week Sharky and Padfoot had been a bit off. Not off enough to warrant a vet visit, but enough to have me turn to Pinterest for ideas. They’d been less interested in eating, which is insane for these two, as they’ll do ANYTHING for food.

A normal meal for them is like a feeding frenzy. Before teaching them “leave it” they’d sit there, ready to pounce, while their food was dished. Then, as you raced to put it on the floor before they tackled you, Sharky would swat her bowl with her paw, spilling the food all over the floor, and then the battle would begin on who got to eat more. Many barks, whines, and tramplings later they’d be done, and begging for more. We even had to buy these special maze like bowls to slow them down when they eat, because they’d eat so quickly they got sick. So, them walking away from their food, not finishing it all, was definitely a sign that something was off.

Then, the poop. I never thought I’d pay so much attention to bowel movements, but now we watch for them, and watch for changes, and I’ve even started naming their different types of poop: normal poop, shark attack poop, someone got into the apple tree poop, zucchini stealer poop, angry poop, etc. That’s how closely we pay attention, and their poop was off.

Trusty old Pinterest said it could be an upset stomach, and that pumpkin puree was amazing for a dog’s digestive system. That it helped them be regular, and calmed down upset tummies, along with just being very good for them. So, what did I do? I had K (the husband) grab some pumpkin puree on his way home from the store, and give Sharky a spoonful. I did say just Sharky, but Padfood, the food lover that he is, snuck in there and licked some of it off of the spoon K was giving Sharky, so they both got a dose of pumpkin. They seemed fine, all was good, and we put them in their crates and headed to work.

So you can fully understand what happened next, you need to appreciate what their crates look like, and how innovative our dogs are. They stay in crates like these while we are gone, and to sleep. They are large enough that they can move around, turn, lay down, etc, and we have a water bowl that attaches to the side. And make note, they are not solid on the sides, which is good, and bad…

Now, fast forward 10ish hours, and we get home from work. As soon as I open the door I hear the dogs just barking and screaming to get out. Odd, as that usually doesn’t happen until we’ve been home for a minute or two. I head to the bedroom to finish making crochet orders, and K goes downstairs to let the dogs out. I hear 16 paws bolting up the stairs, through the kitchen, then outside, followed by eerie silence. K generally follows them up and goes outside with them, but not today. Then, K’s giant feet on the stairs, in the hall…going the wrong way….coming toward the bedroom. The dogs did something.

I’m immediately annoyed, then K tells me, “I don’t care what you say, I’m never giving them pumpkin again, unless it’s the weekend.” I sit there, yarn and crochet hook in hand, with a confused look, then it clicks. Poop. It must be, and always is poop. And, I lose it. I start laughing, and I can’t stop. K describes the scene: Dogs scratching and bolting out of their crates, he walks closer and sees the source of the awful smell, Sharky and Padfoot messed in their cages. Then, he looks closer, and there is poop ALL over. They must have scooted their furry little bums to the back of the cage, and then lit it rip. The poop spilled through the open sides, and blasted out; it’s on the wall behind their crates, dripping onto the baseboards, and all over the carpet. Padfoot even managed to position himself in a way so he filled his entire water bowl with his waste. Meanwhile, I’m laughing like a hyena, and I’m crying, unable to stop as K continues to describe this poopy massacre, scrunching his nose in disgust. K goes and cleans it all up, even takes a photo so I can see just how bad it was, washes his hands and makes us a snack, and I’m still sitting there, not a single crochet stitch done, cackling, and I can’t stop.

Sharky and Padfoot did feel better, and are back to their usual selves, they’ve also pooped so impressively that we now have a new kind of poop: the kraken, which you definitely don’t want to wake.

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